For those unfamiliar with the meaning of Trump derangement syndrome(TDS), I have provided it here.

"Trump derangement syndrome (TDS) is a pejorative term usually for criticism or negative reactions to United States President Donald Trump that are perceived to be irrational, and have little regard towards Trump's actual policy positions" :source:

In many cases this occurs and is true. This type of political spite will blind a person to be closed minded to the actions and voices of others. Filling ones perspective with only the negative points they frivolously seek out and eventually countering with hyperbole and being partial. This does not always mean a person is duplicitous however.

People(in general) can be partial and include bias with their reasoning quite often, but not so much with nefarious and intentional purpose necessarily. This lacking in cogitations and self awareness isn't limited to one political flavor or another, and I will be getting to why (TDS) is not exclusive. Its a people thing and everyone does it, not always in regards to politics.

Now before we continue on I want somethings to be clear.

I'm not suggesting Trump is some exalted leader who has never said or done anything stupid. I'm also not suggesting Trump is some demon coming to haunt everyone in their sleep. What is being more so focused on is people in relation to Trump and extremes and not casting a net over left, right, center, whatever.

Now I will talk about the opposite side of things. Trump derangement syndrome, but not as the mainstream accepted definition but as a polarized and direct meaning of the words and the fringes that follow him.

There exist of course hardline supporters and bases, and fringes in multitudes of political parties, its not something that is unique. In this particular however, It is in regards to the fringes following and listening or existing around Trump online and off. Fringes when given a platform tend to be the most absurd, obscene, and get the most attention, thus causing a blanketing effect visually to outsiders or rivals to see the entire group or people as whatever those fringes are saying/doing.

Examples: Qanon, Infowars(media), Boogaloo Movement, etc.

These particular fringes however suffer from the polarized variety of (TDS) Nothing he says or does can be wrong to them for the most part. Everything good that has happened has and always has been because Trump made it so. He is playing 4d chess.

Just like previously stated above originally but on the opposite side. No critical thinking is occuring. Just following, promoting, unquestioning for glorious leader Trump. Cogitations and self awareness are skewed and in some cases non-existent completely for people like Georgia lawyer Lin Wood[Account suspended].

This type of obession for a coastal elitist, while placing him on a pedestal is more than unhealthy, it is deranged and ironic even.

Finally, what is the entire point of this? Having the constant need to appraoch things based on Trump this or Trump that, whether one enjoys him or not, is terrible. He is not special enough for anyone to have him live rent free in the mind 24/7.

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