So what does this exactly mean? What and who the hell is Qanon? To save you time I'll provide you this information.

This is the inherently obvious sheeps motto utilized by Qanon(Where we go one we go all). It includes confused people with too much time on their hands, conspiracy whack jobs, and religious freaks, Operating under this banner without any clue the actual source of the information they as a group believe and some cases act on.

Let me clear up when I say 'actual source'.  The unknown person or people being the source while operating a single account under formally known website 8chan, currently known as 8kun. This main 'source' is where information is shottgunned randomly and then whelmed through heaping piles of crap and picked up by the mouths of Qanon believers to spread about social media and at family gatherings.

Hardline Qanon believers then prepare themselves to digest this information as if it were a 3 course dinner served at Caesers palace in Las Vegas, but it is anything but.

Qanon believers pick apart this information carefully and proclaim to find secret codes and patterns within the information they have been given via 8kun (previously 8chan). Following this, that same 'decyphered' information is either tied to things to come, the past, or present events or things known has 'Happenings'.

To give you an idea of what these 'Happenings' are. It ranges from Gina Haspel of the CIA being in a gun fight with US Special Forces in Germany with Biden ballots, with her losing and being sent to Gitmo, to Italian military satellites hacking into ballot machines with former president Obama getting pallets of cash for some odd dealings with the Italian ministry of.. whatever. All of it, complete and utter shit dribble, and constant.

Qanon is stupidly deranged at best, dangerously unhinged at worst. Not that stupid or unhinged people are unique to one political flavor or another, Qanon believers just happen to make it a sport, and lack the self awareness to see themselves for what they are, a cult.

The polarized ideology and 'reality' of this cult doesn't support or provoke the idea of actual questioning of things, critical thinking, leading hooked believers into a mindless spiraling blackhole in which their own minds are used against them.

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