Internet Censorship in HongKong:

There is a problem occurring in HongKong. After the previous years new security law(s) passed and acted on HongKong netizens are now further experiencing censorship and tracking online just like in mainland China.

This type of restricting and monitoring of online activity kills free and open internet and is ideal to the mainland CCP's regime for controlling dissent and what information gets out as well as information that comes in.

My relation to HongKong can be located here for relevance of my previous participations in a free HongKong.

Undermining CCP Control:

So, how do we combat this? How Does one wrangle online(or rather offline) nature of the beast and its ruling iron fist? First off, you need open bridges of communication. Obfs4 bridges to be exact and backbones that can provide more support to a decentralized network(s) so said information can have ease of delivery in transit.


This is were (Project) Tor Giga comes in. Tor Giga provisions and deploys the following:

• Provides multiple 10Gbps dedicated uplinks to the Tor Network.

• Provision exit relays in multiple regional locations.

• Provision multiple Obfs4 bridges so netizens/journalists/etc circumvent censorhip in places like China, HongKong.

• Communicate with affiliates inside HongKong and China to safely dissemenate how to securly transfer information outside of HongKong/China utilizing Tor to those unfamiliar with how to do so.

I will be deploying this shortly and paying for the resources/operational costs out of pocket. Any support is appreciated and will be allocated accordingly. The goal is to keep information flowing into and from HongKong for up to a year freely and with ease.

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