Recently, as everyone is aware who doesn't live under a rock, social network Parler has been deplatformed. The server hosting provider Amazon(AWS) for their own reasons made the decision to remove Parler from their client list.

Me, being the kind, gentle hearted, sweet loving and caring person I am, decided hey, I will host them on racks I have located in misc places so they have a working, functioning platform. I sent out an email requesting their needs, and what was sent back to me in detail was rather..enlightening.

Now I know what you are thinking, and yes you are correct. Lets break this down.

What Parler is looking for is Amazon infrastruture on an outside provider, which also has the capacity to operate skynet at the same time.

Fun Stats: 12,460 cpu's, 110,080GB of ram

They did not respond back when I asked what the budget would be and if they would be open to more communications to figure this thing out, which, I found quite odd.

When you have a platform used by millions of people and come to an agreed consensus that things are going rather sideways, would you not be willing to save said platform? Why do they continue to tell the public and media that no one is willing to host them when in reality, I tried, they just have no idea what they are doing or their own needs?

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