Human frailty and manipulation.

Human frailty and manipulation.

Inherent faults of the human mind and how political figures and agitators use others minds against them.

I know I know, it has been an overtly noticable and an overly long period of time since I have written, but hey It's not my fault! I'm only human! Distractions come and go and sometimes the priority of things can take place of other..things.

What I'm cross posting here is a series of 'tweets' (posts) I have made via twitter. Some have seen already and some may have not. In anycase for archival purposes I thought it be appropriate to have them in a dedicated place where it can be found and adjusted accordingly below.

If you have an understanding of culture, religion, personality types, classes, ongoing struggles, current focuses, professions, etc etc etc, You can create a targeted message or action on one or more groups, with insight and understanding of it/them.

These targeted messages or actions can be negative or positive (and sometimes even nuetral) and can be inflicted against a group of your own or another group(s). The entire bases though is to create an outcome of some sort you want to occur(If any, depending) and/or set a direction for future purposes. Then apply pressure as needed.

It is important to keep in mind, Something that might be relevant to you or not relevant to you, may not be the case for someone else or group. The understanding will be different also, if at all. The same postive/negative action or message towards them in targetting can still apply. It can become more interesting when you understand embedded persons exists in 'enemy' or 'adviserial' groups to push peoples buttons aswell in sometimes nefarious or humorous manners.

Politicians will often say they will do something their voting base wants or needs and actually not do whatever it is they promised to do for them, or they do the exact opposite of what they have said they would do.

Anyways. Ahem. They are still elected in regardless of how nefarious or dumb.

Once you understand who a person is or group, and have insight in things especially what motivates, its is not hard to manipulate. Politicians especially- know this all too well.  Sometimes the person/group does not know even it is being manipulated, because it is getting what it wants exactly to begin with or if not.. people will see it as 'it will be better next time' or 'hope' or in some cases like in my other article on Qanon, Though a drastic example, people will perform mental gymnastics to make it make sense in their own ways.

Some things are more logical than others, but that does not mean it will fit in the hole needed to move a process. Illogical shape is needed to process into the illogical hole, even if dumb to you to begin with, and this where human frailty succumbs to those who understand that and seek power.